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  • Each player must have a golf bag and clubs.

  • Members and guests must register before teeing off.

  • Start on #1 Tee only.

  • Yardage markers in fairways are measured to the center of the green.

  • Out of bounds: All fences and white stakes.

  • Players must continue from hole #9 to hole #10 without delaying play, or forfeit way to all groups coming from hole #9.

  • Ditch to left on #11 plays as ground under repair.

  • No more than 5 players in a group.

  • Slower players should yield to faster groups.

  • Pace of play - 2 hours per nine holes.

  • Twosomes and threesomes do not have the automatic right to play through on weekends.

  • Stay on cart paths on all par 3's. Do not cross red line with golf cart.

  • Proper attire is required (shoes and shirt).

  • Practice is restricted to designated areas only. No range balls on Ward Maynard Practice facility.

  • Please repair ball marks on greens and repair divots on fairways and tee boxes.

  • Always observe proper etiquette.

Welcome and enjoy your play at Prairie West Golf Club.

Prairie West Golf Club


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