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Paula Horsburgh Memorial Scholarship Tournament


First Place was Keystone Food Services with a score of 52 (19 under par).


Second Place was Team Millspaugh with a score of 54 (17 under par).


Closest to the Hole on number 10 was Richard Perales (4' 5")

Weatherford Regional Hospital Foundation Tournament 10/12 ( 23 Teams )


Championship Flight 1st Place:  Joel Paden, Lance Dobbins, Mike Belter, Taylor Cameron. 53

                                  2nd Place:  David Terry, Josh Howard, Don Elwick, Brad Rabek.  53


Second Flight  1st  Place:  Carroll Scott, Bob Russell, John Butler, Larry Frye. 63

                        2nd Place:  Team Tommy Riggs. 63


Long Drive:  Jim Golden

Closest to the Hole #5:  Jessica Heard Perry 2'6"  ($500.00)

                       Hole #8:  Josh Howard 7'6"  (Grill)

                       Hole #14:  Bobby Cates 9'11"  (Grill)

Thursday Night Scrambles 9/7


1st place:  Matt Stark, Matt Cox, Skip Klingman.  6 under par


Closest to the hole #5  Skip Klingman 6' 2"


Closest to he hole #8  Jim Petree 6' 5"


Thursday Night Scrambles 8/30


1st Place:  Wesley Weast, Matt Cox, Clay Hill, Jim Petree. 6 under par.


Closest to the hole # 10 Levi Robison 3' 6"

Closest to the hole # 14 Terry Smith 25' 9"

Thursday Night Scrambles 8/23


1st Place:  Richard Sandoval, Colby Miller, Micha Banks, Scott Klingman  8 under par


2nd Place:  Chris Vandersee, Allen Stinson, Tommy Riggs, Jim Petree  6 under par


Closest to the hole # 5  12' 3" Tracy Watkins


Closest to the hole # 8  13' 1"  Terry Harrelson


Thursday Night Scrambles 8/16


1st place:  Michael Roberson, Chris Vandersee, Jody Huckabay, Dakota Green.  10 under par


2nd place:  Brian Fox, Al Chappa, Steven Stark, Matt Cox.  7 under par


Closest to the hole # 10 Terry Smith 8' 8"

                               # 14 Chris Vandersee 7' 4"



Member-Guest Horse Race


1st place:  Seth Seifried, Brett Butler


2nd place:  Jose Jacquez, Donny Roy



Member-Guest Tournament


 (Championship Flight) 

1st place: Jim Petree, Brad Fleetwood

2nd place:  Sean Rogers, Tony Ford

3rd place:  Billy Jennings, Bruce Palmer


("A" Flight)

1st place:  Derek Makescry, Kenneth Daniel

2nd place:  Tyler Mannering, Gavin Boyer

3rd place:  Ruben Jacquez, Ryan Turney


("B" Flight)

1st place:  Chris Vandersee, James Vandersee

2nd place:  Seth Seifried, Brett Butler

3rd place:  James Harkins, Chris Punneo


Closest to the hole #5:  Jody Huckabay 3' 1"

                               #8:  Gunner Roberts 5' 11"

                               #10  Billy Jennings 8' 11"

                               #14  Brad Fleetwood 4'1"

Prairie West Golf Club


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